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    About Us

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    Add.: 52 Hanjiang Road ,New Hi-Tech District

    Social Commonweal Undertaking and Support

    After the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes, the company made several donations. The company leaders also actively organized the employees to make donations. The two donations amounted to over 1 million RMB yuan. 

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    Every year, the company regularly organizes 10-20 of its employees to participate in voluntary blood donation.


    The company conducted the activity of “going into community to send warm”. The company did Spring Festival Shopping for Fudu community, showing love to the community.

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    Humanistic Care

    Spring Festival Visits
    During the Spring Festival, the leaders went to the workshops to visit the employees. It shows the humanistic care of the company.

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    Symposium with College Students
    College students are reserve force of the further development of company, and are key subject of development for echelon construction and cadre training of the company. In order to further unite the company’s part-time college students, to show the care of the company to college students, and to promote the work enthusiasm of college students, the company regularly holds symposiums with college students.

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    Outdoor Outward-Bound Activity
    In order to foster a spirit of teamwork among employees and to strengthen their sense of belonging, the company carried out outdoor outward-bound activity themed by “efficient communication and happy sharing”.

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    Care for the Employees
    The company’s labor union regularly provides allowances to internal employees who have difficulties in living.

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