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    Guangyan Shares wins the title of ‘Grade Three Company for standardization of safety production’

    Number of visits: Date:2018/5/21 14:32:34

    With comprehensive review from Changzhou Municipal Bureau of Safety Production, Supervision and Management, Guangyang Shares successfully passed its approval on standardization of safety production and was honored the title as ‘Grade Three Company on standardization of safety production’ with award.

    To actively respond to the national standardized management of safety production and the company’s demands of development, Guangyang Shares has been putting standardization of production safety as the ‘key among the key’. The company established leadership team of safety production and self-appraisal team, combined with the original safe production management mechanism, set up implementing plan for safety standardization, completed responsibility mechanism, management mechanism of safety production and safety operation procedure, consolidated safety production base of companies, established effective management mechanism for standardization of safety production and further boosted the company’s management level on standardization of safe production.

    Guangyang Shares will utilize management means of safety standardization to constantly enrich experience of production management, continuously improve management level of safety management and actively forge a benchmark company for safety production in the bearing industry.

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