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    Add.: 52 Hanjiang Road ,New Hi-Tech District

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    The delegate of Secretary Zhou Bin in New North District in Changzhou City, visited Guangyang Shares for observation and guidance

    Number of visits: Date:2018/5/21 14:33:17

    The delegate of Zhou Bin in New North District of Changzhou, visited the company’s production workshop and test center under the escort of Cheng Shangnan, the president, Wu Chaoyang, the General Manger, Zhang Jiangang, the deputy director and so on. They also carefully consulted relevant issues on company production and technology. The delegate of Secretary Zhou Bin carried out in-depth lectures on the future development of the company.

    After hearing relevant introduction on the company, Secretary Zhou Bin expressed hope that the company could further consolidate its confidence of development, quicken development process of new products, extend company’s development space and roundly boost the company development to ascend a new ladder.


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