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    Add.: 52 Hanjiang Road ,New Hi-Tech District

    Available Dimension Limit

    Minimum inside diameter of auto bearing: 10mm; Maximum outside diameter of auto bearing: 200mm;Maximum outside diameter of wind power and engineering machinery bearing: 2500mm.

    • 產品概要:The clutch release bearing is one of the key automobile parts. With the development of automobile industry, many structural types of this bearing have emerged. The low-speed, outer
    • 產品概要:Main structural typesAs an individual part, the synchronizer middle ring is an important component of the synchronizer in the automobile gearbox. It matches with the inner ring and
    • 產品概要:Tapered roller bearing is mainly applicable to bear radial and axial joint load based on radial load. But steep angle tapered roller bearing can be used to bear radial and axial jo
    • 產品概要:The first-generation hub bearing,The second-generation hub bearing,The third-generation hub bearing
    • 產品概要:
    • 產品概要:
    • 產品概要:
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